Nepean Physical Culture Club


At Nepean Physical Culture Club (Nepean Physie for short), we proudly teach the BJP Physical Culture curriculum. BJP Physie is the oldest running and most prestigious Physical Culture establishment in Australia. For 130 years, BJP has provided a national platform for Physie clubs to come together to engage in competitions and camaraderie.

“Physie is an elegant way of developing not only fitness but also grace, strength and focus in our girls and women. At BJP, what we are most proud of is how Physie weaves its way throughout the lives of Australian families. Generations of women have discovered lifelong friendships, a true sense of community and a sport for life in Physie.” – Jackie Rawlings, BJP Physical Culture

Empowering Girls for Life

There is an aura of confidence around Physie girls of all ages. Taught to stand tall, with strength and pride, they are team players committed to achieving their goals.

Nepean Physie focuses on developing the self­-esteem of its students by teaching them to have a positive relationship with their bodies, we help students blossom with confidence and self­-assurance.

BJP Physie is passionate about nurturing students’ total well-being, in both mind and body. Physie is an accepting and encouraging team sport, where every member is supported and motivated to be the best they can be.

Nepean Physie girls


Nepean Physie Teacher Kim


Kim has done Physie for as long as she can remember. Her passion for Physie is still as strong as the day she first started as a preschooler.

She has taught at the Nepean Physical Culture Club for 26 years and one of her proudest achievements is that she is passing on her love of Physie to her students who range from 3 years old through to ladies. Kim loves watching the members grow in confidence and display so much pride in their club and team mates.

She hopes that she teaches more than dance steps in her lessons, and strives to empower girls and women for life.

Kim hopes that through teaching Physie that she can provide her members with a place where they feel a sense of belonging and can work towards a personal best, no matter what their goal.

There have been many highlights in her career, but at the top of the list is being a BjP associate teacher and working with the BJP choreography team. 

Nepean Physie Teacher - lauren


Renee teaches our preschooler, junior and ladies class – they absolutely adore her!
Renee has been involved with Physie since she was a young girl herself, and has years of experience.
Renee is well known and respected by everyone in our club because of her positive attitude and caring nature. The enthusiasm, teamwork and respect that are inherent in the extended physie family are values that Renee holds in high regard.
Nepean classes are in great hands with Renee’s experience and dedication.

Nepean Physie Teacher - lauren


Hayley teaches the preschoolers through to 12 year olds. Hayley loves working alongside the juniors and enjoys seeing them progress through the Physie year, gaining confidence in themselves and their abilities.
Hayley is passionate about creating a supportive network and a nurturing environment for girls to lead long and healthy lives. She believes that Physie isn’t just about dancing or competitions but is about getting fit and healthy and having a place where you feel encouraged, supported and valued.

Nepean Physie Teacher - lauren


This is Brittney’s 21st year at Nepean Physie and her 5th year as a BJP associate. Brittney’s passion for Physie Teaching is and always has been watching girls achieve their goals and assisting them in improving week by week. She enjoys competitions and seeing girls achieve their results, but finds it’s just as rewarding to watch her students achieve the little things each week in class.
Brittney is a dedicated and hard working member in our senior class and has enjoyed competing at a National level and in team events over many years. One of her personal highlights is most certainly winning her section and being awarded National Champion in her age group.
Outside of physie, Brittney has completed 2 Bachelor Degrees- she is a high school teacher currently teaching Drama and English as well as returning to University to become a qualified school dance teacher. Her other hobbies include wake boarding, water skiing and camping.
Brittney is excited to be at a stage in her life now where she can teach the younger Physie girls and give them her all!

Nepean Physie Teacher - lauren


Sally can’t remember a time when Physie wasn’t a part of her life. From the time she could walk she was doing Physie classes as her mum was a teacher. 
Sally has over 25 years experience teaching Physie and is also a Primary School teacher.
Sally’s latest personal achievements include winning her section and the Overall Champion Judy Spence Memorial trophy in 2022.
We are very excited to have Sally on our teaching team and look forward to her working with the 13-1st year and senior classes.

Testimonials from Students and Family

Nepean Physie testimonial from Nicole

Nicole Michal

Being a Physie girl since the age of 3 has taught me so much – flexibility, strength, posture, confidence and resilience.
I am lucky enough to enjoy this wonderful sport with my two sisters and to have formed beautiful friendships along the way that I treasure. Our friendships are now not only spent catching up weekly though our classes but we spend time together outside of physie too…. to talk about Physie of course! It’s so nice to share the same passion with my friends who love this sport as much as I do.

Nepean Physie testimonial from tania

Tania Robey

I’m so glad that a friend convinced me to take my daughter to her first Physie lesson… that was over 8 years ago and my daughter is absolutely loving it. Not only does it get her moving (and off her iPad!), it improves her posture, confidence & flexibility, and above all has allowed us to join a beautiful physie family who are a great support network for her.